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One of the best ways to leave people talking about your event is

to use a high impact, well-designed lighting system.

We work to ensure that your experience with our event lighting

hire service is smooth and rewarding, offering a wide range of

lighting options to suit any event.

Whether your event is large or small, our extensive stock of up to

date lighting equipment combined with the knowledge of our inhouse lighting designers and technicians will transform any venue and add that extra dimension.

Our comprehensive hire stock includes state of the art fixtures, moving heads , LED washes to conventional lighting such as Par cans, profiles and fresnels.

Wether it be a theatre Tour of a one off corporate event we can create a lighting design

compatible with your venue that is simultaneously decorative and functional and can

work with you to produce a lighting set up tailored to suit your event’s tone.

We provide our design package using the latest CAD software enabling 2D and 3D

design drawings and schematics; which means highly detailed plans featuring all the

necessary technical information in one document, and full 3D visualisations of the end

results for customers to tweak and adjust.

We create exceptional technical design alongside our crew, equipment hire and

installation services.

At PhaseOne AV we believe that creative lighting design, the right equipment and staff

who care are the three crucial elements to a fantastic production.

Using equipment from industry standard manufacturers and crew with a proven track

record in their fields.

Our Technicians have vast experience in the Live event industry, We can custom

design to suit your event and provide you with a beautiful light show or you can

choose from one of our basic lighting packages.

We promise our clients both peace of mind and value for money in the arrangement of

your event lighting design.

Our experienced technicians work to create unique designs that suit your budget, using

high-quality equipment to make your ideas a reality.

Speak to a member of our team for more information on how we can help make your

event a success Telephone 01562 310036